Sexual Healing; 365 Days of Intimacy: Day 40

Spend 5 minutes with the journal and take 1-3 minutes with the smell exercise.  Today we are going to spend 10-14 minutes lying down on our bed or the floor with our hands clasped on our chest.  Put on a music playlist of relaxing music and focus on breathing and body awareness.

Feel how your body reacts to the surface, how your each inch of your skin feels, the sounds in the room, and the smells.

Tomorrow 10 minutes

Day after 5 minutes

Sexual Healing; 365 Days of Intimacy: Day 37

Today we are going to spend 5 minutes in the journal, then take a walk.  During the walk talk dirty, I mean really really dirty.  Tell your partner what you’re going to do when you get back to the house, make it sensual and erotic.  Keep it up for at least 15 minutes.  When you get home, break in the bed, kitchen table, wherever you want.

Tomorrow: 15 minutes

Day After: 10 minutes