Sexual Healing; 365 Days of Intimacy: Day 29

Today you’re going to call your lover with the understanding that they are not to pick up the phone.  Leave them a voicemail and tell them how much they mean to you, how much you appreciate them, and are looking forward to seeing them again.

Be descriptive.  Now your assignment for the rest of the week, listen to that voicemail every day at least 2 times a day.

See how that livens up your week.

Tomorrow: 10 minutes

Day After: 5 minutes

Sexual Healing; 365 Days of Intimacy: Day 27

Today crack open some canned soup or something for dinner that can be cooked in less than 10 minutes.  Spend the time eating dinner while holding hands.  Pay attention to how your physical touch makes you feel.  Take your time eating dinner and treat after dinner time as afterglow.

Yes I’m serious, cuddle after dinner.

Tomorrow: 30 minutes

Day After 5 minutes

Sexual Healing; 365 Days of Intimacy: Day 25

So today we’re going to listen to one of our favorite contemporary songs.  The goal is to find something you’ve never noticed before.  Music is so nuturing to the soul and should be a part of everyone’s life.  Ask yourself if music can be something you encorporate more into your life, and if it’s something that will enrich the life of your partner and make you strong together.

Also.  For the next month you have an assignment.  Music always plays during sex.

Tomorrow: 5 minutes

Day After 15 minutes

Sexual Healing; 365 Days of Intimacy: Day 24

Today we are going to spend 20 minutes giving a foot massage to one partner.  Pick one, but remember who didn’t get a massage, we will come back to it later.

Follow the same relative instructions for the foot as you did with the hand.  Pay attention to what your partner likes.

The massaged partner should give vocal instructions on what they like in relation to this foot rub.

Take extra care and make sure to massage each toe as well as the spend considerable time on the arch.

Tomorrow: 5 minutes

Day After: 5 minutes

Sexual Healing; 365 Days of Intimacy: Day 23

Today we are going to look at the importance of being grateful.  Spend 10 minutes writing a letter about how grateful you are to your partner.  Then spend the entire day without saying anything negative, spiteful, or critical.  Make sure to compliment and thank your partner for anything they do that is positive.

Tomorrow: 20 minutes and massage essentials

Day After: 5 minutes

The Gloria Steinem Dissection

Here’s my first video, hopefully one of many.  I need to add clarification.  The parable of the wine bottles is a principle in which the old must be completely discarded for the new.  I meant to say that Gloria Steinem uses the principle that’s laid out in the parable, not that she’s directly referencing the parable, though she might have been.



Sexual Healing; 365 Days of Intimacy: Day 22

Sorry about the delay I had to take a couple days off.   I’ve secured two writers that will be happy to take over for my breaks in the future so we can get this project finished!  Yay!

Ok today visit a park, walk around at a leisurely pace and talk about what your needs are.  Seriously.  Talk to your partner about what you need.  Be specific.  No judging bullshit on what your partner needs.  If they say I need 15 minutes a day just to talk, make it happen.  If they say they need sex every day make it happen.  

If it’s not overly out of your comfort box, time to man/woman/alien up.  And not the south of the US border kind.  

This is your time to let what you need out of the closet so to speak.  If for some reason you don’t feel safe disclosing that with your partner, maybe counseling is in order.  Spend AT LEAST 30 minutes talking about it.  And don’t stop, keep walking.  Unless it’s a flower garden you’re visiting.  Then stop and smell the flowers.  But enjoy the change of scenery.

Tomorow: 10 minutes

Day After 20 minutes and some massage essentials.